Chris Evans Joins Instagram For a Good Cause And His Account Is a Success

The actor joins the challenge “All in challenge”, after being nominated by Chris Pratt.

Chris Evans became a trend on Twitter because this Friday he joined Instagram. His account so far has more than a million and a half followers and so far he has only published a video in which he explains the reason for his foray into this social network.


In this video Evans explains that he joins the virtual challenge “All in challenge”, after being nominated by Chris Pratt, his co-star in Avengers Endgame. The challenge is to raffle off a unique experience offered by celebrities.

The actor who played Captain America for a decade stated that he cannot compete against Pratt, who offers a cameo in the third part of “Jurassic World”. However, Evans offers a virtual encounter with him and five of his close friends: Robert Downy Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner, the original cast of the Avengers.

The #AllInChallenge seeks to raise funds to distribute food to the people most affected by the crisis that “the covid nightmare” has generated, as the actor named it.

The video already has 519 thousand views and more than 27 thousand comments. As usual, the memes were immediate.