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An arrest that was captured on video is causing outrage among many subway users. The images, which were taken by a user and posted on Twitter, show several NYPD agents surrounding and then arresting a Hispanic woman selling churros at the Broadway Junction subway station in Brooklyn.

In the video, you can see the Hispanic woman –– who has not yet been identified–– handcuffed and in tears while the agents confiscate her churros car and take her away. One of the officers says in the video that it is illegal to sell churros in the subway. You can also listen to the user who published the now viral video, Sofia Newman, claim the officers. Newman later said on Twitter: "No matter what the law says, there is no reason why so many officers have to surround, degrade and monitor the poverty of that woman of color."


According to the police, a summons was given to the woman, who was released minutes later. According to a spokeswoman for the NYPD, the woman had received 10 subpoenas in the last five months for selling without a license at the same station, and was "refusing to cooperate" with the agents.

“His property was registered as evidence of arrest, and was released in a few minutes. Current subway rules prohibit the sale of food on the subway unless authorized by the MTA, ”says the spokesperson.

In response, several local officials and activist organizations re-published the arrest video, denouncing the excessive use of force and questioning the tactics being employed by the NYPD.

The councilman of that district, Rafael Espinal Jr, said on his Twitter account: "The level of force used against this seller was totally unnecessary and excessive," while state senator Julia Salazar called the police action "unacceptable." Other officials who came out in defense of women were city controller Scott Stringer, state senators Alessandra Biagi and Jessica Ramos, as well as the newly elected ombudsman Jumanee Williams.

The activist group Decolonize This Place and several other left-wing organizations have called a second march against the NYPD and the MTA on November 22, to protest the aggressive tactics of both agencies.

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