Ciao, Lightning? Europe Votes For a Homogeneous Charger

Lightning cable puts Apple in trouble in Europe.
                                                    Sarah Tew / CNET
                                                The European parliament ruled on Thursday, January 30 in favor of homogenizing the charger for cell phones and thus making users’ lives easier, but Apple will not agree so much in the decision.According to a Reuters report, the ruling was with 582 votes in favor and 40 against, so the European Parliament will now ask the European Commission to create a new mandate that ensures that consumers in Europe are not required to change the charger with each new cell phone, this for the different types of cables and connectors.

Parliament has asked that a first draft of this new law be ready by July, says Reuters. Some cell phone manufacturers, according to parliament, have voluntarily agreed to minimize the type of chargers, but this does not mean that there is already a standard. Apple, for example, uses its own Lightning charger unlike most manufacturers that use micro-USB or USB-C. Apple has criticized Europe’s decision to standardize phone chargers, something that has been sought for more than a decade but an agreement has never been reached. Apple has said that homogenizing chargers would affect innovation and create more electronic waste than already existing. According to Reuters, in 2016 12.3 million tons of electronic waste were generated in Europe alone. The parliament’s ruling also seeks to ensure that wireless chargers, which represent a medium solution to electronic waste, are capable of charging a wide range of devices; that there are new legislative measures to recycle cables and chargers; and I will ensure consumers are not required to buy new chargers for compatibility reasons.

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