Cindy Crawford Model Son’s Concern

The Presley Gerber model must take a program to know the risks of drunk driving

The extopmodel Cindy Crawford He is living bittersweet times. On the one hand his daughter Kaia Gerber It is consolidating itself as one of the most recognized young models worldwide (the same is required in the most important catwalks of the planet than in campaigns of different top brands), and on the other, eldest son, Presley, it goes through a complicated stage of his life.


The behavior of the model has also been totally opposite to what her sister has or to which her famous parents have followed over the years.

A clear example of this is that a few weeks ago Presley the word “misunderstood” was tat tooed on one of his cheekbones, which has led him to assume that he has problems, perhaps, of behavior and socialization.

His followers did not take long to react and openly demanded this “stain”, which could seriously affect his career in the world of modeling.

Not satisfied with that, the behavior of Presley Gerber He has come back to talk about. The place Page Six recently revealed photos in which the son of Cindy Crawford entering a rehabilitation clinic, where he takes a program called DUI, which shows the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Did he do it to reassure his parents and his sister? No. It turns out that more than a year ago Presley He was arrested for driving while intoxicated and the conviction was this, spending time in such a clinic.

After his arrest it was rumored that Cindy Crawford and her husband, businessman Rande Gerber, insisted that she be admitted to a rehabilitation clinic; It was also said that the model had listened to them, but later it was clarified that this version had not been true.

Because of his arrest, Presley Gerber He was sentenced to spend three years on probation, complete the program at a rehabilitation clinic and serve two days of community service.

The international press reports that Presley’s family is worried and seeks to help the young man continue his promising future.