Cindy Crawford's Exercise To Show Off Her Legs

Stefanie KeenanGetty Images

If there is someone who strictly meets the saying of 'who had, retained', that certainly is Cindy Crawford. In addition to being one of the best models of all time, in the 90s it became a great reference of fitness with its training programs. Now, almost 30 years later, his daughter Kaia Gerber has taken his place on the catwalks around the world, but he must work hard if he wants to match his mother's body.

And, at 53, Cindy Crawford is better than ever, proof of this is the makeshift bikini perches that are marked on their social networks. But of course, not everything is due to genetics. The model continues to exercise as in her fitness monitor stage, yes, now she is the student. Under the orders of his personal trainer, Sarah Hagaman, the supermodel trains whenever he can to maintain his spectacular figure and continue to show off endless legs, the same ones that in his day dubbed 'the most beautiful legs in history'.


For this, Cindy has an infallible trick: climbing stairs. Yes, as you read it. If you thought he was undergoing intense routines, you were wrong. In the last video that the model has published on her Instagram profile we can see her climbing stairs as part of her training.

Although it seems a lie, an activity as daily as climbing stairs has great health benefits. In fact, there are studies that recommend practicing it, and it has even been used to form new fitness trends, such as 'exercise snacking'. Therefore, the Cindy Crawford coach includes this exercise in her leg routine. "In case you have any doubt, the stairs are a great support in your training. It's good for your heart, legs and soul! Look at the smile of @cindycrawford in the test. It depends on your level of fitness, you can always change the intensity and duration, "recommends Sarah Hagaman in the same video of the model.

Benefits of climbing stairs

Runners often use this exercise to prepare for a race, and climbing stairs doesn't just burn calories.

Improves heart rate and lung capacity Increases the maximum amount of oxygen during exercise so it helps improve endurance and physical performance Reduces cellulite Works the muscles of the lower body train: when climbing, twins, buttocks and quadriceps are exercised; when lowering, the most active muscles are the same as when you stride or squat. It is not necessary to go to the gym since it can be done anywhere, at home, at work, in the park, etc.