Cindy Crawford’s Son Gets a Tattoo On His Face

The Presley Gerber model shared a video on his Instagram account this weekend in which the popular artist Jonathan ‘JonBoy’ Valena appears doing a tattoo on his cheek. This is the first design that the 20-year-old has dared to be made on the face, a somewhat risky decision even for someone like him, who has a large collection of ink prints scattered throughout the body. The last of them all is the word ‘misunderstood’, which would be translated into Spanish as ‘misunderstood’, written in capital letters just below his right eye. Although Presley has been delighted with the end result, the author of that tattoo is aware that the mother of her client, the famous top model Cindy Crawford, will not find it funny to find out what her offspring have done and that is why she has included an apology addressed especially to her in the publication with which she has shown her followers his last work writing: “I’m sorry, mom.”