Clouthier Compares Gasoline From The US And Mexico: With Trump It Is Cheaper

Manuel Clouthier, a former federal deputy, criticized gasoline prices in Mexico. He compared the prices offered in the city of Sedona, in the state of Arizona, for premium gasoline with those offered during the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

"In the land of Trump is 7 pesos cheaper high-octane gasoline than in the land of Lopez Obrador (sic.)," ​​He said in his Twitter account.

He informed that in the United States they pay 14.77 pesos per liter; while in Mexico it sells for 21.99 pesos per liter.


The expander attached a photo next to his tweet, and you can see the prices of gasoline offered at that gas station. The prices are as follows: unleaded gasoline: $ 2,439 per gallon; "plus" gasoline: $ 2,659 per gallon; "premium" gasoline: $ 2,879 per gallon; and diesel was at $ 2,799 per gallon.



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