Club América: José Ramón Fernández Blames The Eagles For The Cessation Of Gustavo Matosas

During the Spicy Soccer program in its night edition, the prestigious journalist and presenter of the sports program José Ramón Fernández, revealed that the cessation of the Uruguayan coach Gustavo Matosas of Atlético San Luis, could have arisen from a possible revenge of Grupo Televisa.

In addition, 'Joserrá' said, that Matosas is not the only coach who has been involved in the issue of corruption on obtaining a percentage in the transactions of the players, there is more, but that he could not reveal such information, since he would have serious problems legal.

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On the other hand, at the table of analysis of the ESPN program, they questioned the fact that said news about Gustavo Matosas, was announced seven years after the coach charrúa, will perform these practices when he directed the Lion and made the signing of the forward Matías Britos.

Finally, José Ramón strongly questioned this action by the Televisa Group News that released this note last Friday, since, according to the facts and the time that passed from all events, it sounds like a strong reprisal in signal of revenge by the company that owns America, a team that Matosas led in 2015.

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It should be remembered that Gustavo Matosas was dismissed the day as coach of Atlético San Luis, after losing to Leon three goals for two on day 15 of the 2019 Opening of Liga MX, where President Alberto Marrero, justified said cessation by the lack of sports results, where he only won two games of seven directed, losing the other five and for extra court issues.