Club América Reunites Raúl Jiménes Diego Laínez And Edson Álvarez Due To Covid-19

Given the situation that the whole world is experiencing due to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), Club América brought together its footballers, Raúl Jiménez (Wolverhampton), Edson Álvarez (Ajax) and Diego Lainez (Real Betis) to send an emotional message to Mexico in favor of following the indications and defeating the Covid-19.

Through the official Twitter account of the Eagles of America, the three videos were shared where the three blue-cream youth squads individually sent an emotional message of conscience before the quarantine of the country.

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“Hello everyone in Mexico. Coronvavirus is a disease that is attacking several countries, including the United Kingdom here, but Mexico has a golden opportunity if we play as a team and make the commitment to stay at home, we are going to win COVID. To get the goal against the coronavirus we need everyone, please stay home, “said Jiménez.

The three former players of the Eagles ask all Mexican people not to leave their homes, as it is the fastest way to defeat the terrible virus that is attacking the entire world.

“Hello, how is Diego Lainez speaking to you? From Seville, Spain, the Coronavirus is a very tough rival. I have witnessed its strong impact in Spain, but there is a way to win. Our field has never been so important. He wins at home, I send you a greeting and a hug and please stay home. ”

“Hello my dear Mexico, this is Edson Álvarez from the Netherlands. The coronavirus situation is very serious, but there is a way to beat him, a very simple way, staying at home is like taking the ball from him and with that we reduce the risk of contagion and in this way we protect our family and friends. Your house and your family are the best defense. Don’t let the coronavirus score a goal for us, please stay home, “said the blue-cream youth squad.