Cody Simpson Would Confirm His Relationship With Miley Cyrus

Cody Simpson would confirm his relationship with Miley Cyrus | INSTAGRAM

After all the rumors unleashed by the images where we could see a "kiss" or something similar, it seems that Cody Simpson is confirming his love for Miley Cyrus.

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This Thursday, the interpreter was seen with Cody in a grocery store in Los Angeles, where a witness commented exclusively to E! News that they entered the fast food place to have some sushi.

According to this person who was present there, they also shared a "quick kiss" while examining their food options, it seems they preferred to eat something different.

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It is also said that Miley, who was dressed informally in a sleeveless shirt, and Cody "noticed that people saw them, so they tried to run away from there."

It seems that Cody decided to confirm his love for the singer, because in his Instagram stories he uploaded a photograph kissing Miley, where he also wrote "Pre-swimming breakfast, courtesy of baby.

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Then he showed some toast with peanut butter and banana. According to people on social networks, what unites Miley and Cody seems to be a shared love for food and drinks such as coffee and other delicacies.

It should be mentioned that Miley has also broken the silence about her kissing session with Cody, taking advantage of the moment to reveal how difficult it is for her to date someone being a public figure.

In her Instagram stories, the singer with just 26 years, showed pleasure in Cody by publishing a photo of him without a shirt, and a list of characteristics of the boy: his age, Australian and his abs.

Miley is already an adult and is able to make her own decisions. The famous woman decided to comment on how women are judged when they go out with someone compared to men.