Colin Powell Says He Will Vote For Joe Biden

Washington – Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who was chief of staff of the United States Armed Forces, agreed today with other former senior military officers that President Donald Trump deviates from the Constitution.

Interviewed on CNN, Powell said he will vote in November for former Vice President Joe Biden, who has secured the total number of delegates needed to be the Democratic presidential candidate.

Powell also did not endorse President Trump in 2016. “I can’t vote for that individual,” said Powell.


The former secretary of state denounced Trump’s rhetoric about the largest protests against racism in the last half century – after the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police on May 25 – and the treatment of peaceful protesters. that last Monday they were evicted from the surroundings of the White House.

“He has not been an effective president and he lies continuously,” he said, recalling that he dismissed Trump as a candidate for the presidency in 2016 for his campaign that sought to question whether President Barack Obama had been born in the United States.

He also highlighted his rhetoric towards immigrants “and anyone who decided to speak out against him.”

Following the eviction of peaceful protesters and the photo shoot outside St. John’s Episcopal Church, Trump’s first secretary of defense, retired General James Mattis, described the White House tenant as a threat to the U.S. Constitution.

“Donald Trump is the first president in my life who does not attempt to unite the American people, nor does he even intend to. Instead, it tries to divide us, “he said.

Mattis added that the protests have been defined not by the riots last weekend, but “by tens of thousands of people who conscientiously insist that we live up to our values, our values ​​as people and our values ​​as a nation … we must reject and hold accountable those in government positions who scoff at our Constitution. ”

Then retired General John Kelly, who was chief of staff at the Trump White House, fanned the allegations against the President of the United States.

“I agree with (Mattis) … We have to take a closer look at who we choose … their ethics,” said Kelly, who was also head of the Southern Command.



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