Colombia And Panama Were Surprised.Dominican Defeated Mexico

Santo Domingo (AP) — Panama and Colombia have assured that the beginning of the Caribbean Series will be characterized by surprises. In the evening, the Dominican Republic regained its normal sensation as a host and two-time defending champion.

Early on, Astronaut Los Santos defeated Criollos de Caguas 3-2, leaving the Puerto Rican team lying on the ground.


And on the day Colombian football was disappointed, baseball won a historic victory.

The Dominican Republic made its debut on the right foot of its hometown and is back to beat Mexico.

Unprecedented victory

Kaimanes de Barranquilla defeated Nabegantes Dermagalanes 6-1 on Friday, bringing Colombia the first victory in the history of the Caribbean Series.

Thus, Colombia has recorded 10 consecutive losses since 2020, when it entered the contest.

“I’m very happy with this first win after two years of very difficult years when I couldn’t win the national match with two participations in the Caribbean Series,” said manager Jose Mosquera. Told. “We will continue to play, enjoy the tournament and stay focused,” he said.

At about the same time, in Barranquilla, the Colombian soccer team lost to Peru 1-0 in the World Cup qualifiers.

Reynaldo Rodríguez, who played 4-5 in the Cayman Islands, led a four-run attack by hitting a two-run single in the third inning, leading Columbia on the scoreboard. Carlos Arroyo and Harold Ramirez also collaborated with two unstoppable producers.

“Today, the game plan was run, good defense was done, there was good work from the pitchers, and the hits were done at the right time. After the match, veteran Rodriguez commented.

Sandy Leon, a 10-season veteran catcher in Major League Baseball, gained the advantage of the Columbia Caymans in the 6th inning with an RBI single, and Brian Buerbus drove for the winner who had already hit 8 in the 6th inning.

The victory went to Luis Moreno (1-0), who retired one inning and three times in turn.

The setback went to the junior galley record (0-1) and was punished with 4 runs and 4 hits in 2 innings and 2/3.

“There is no excuse here, we lost. It was a positive day for Colombia. We put this game behind us and stayed positive and as much as possible in the next game. You have to try to do that, “said Wilfred Romero, Venezuelan manager.

Panama launches series with victory

Edgar Munos hit an RBI single in the bottom of the ninth inning to give the astronaut a victory.

Puerto Rico seemed to be heading for victory after making four innings with an RBI single by star catcher Roberto Perez and a good performance by starter Nivaldrodriguez, who retired from five innings.

However, Panama finished eighth with Ormo Rosario’s home run and took the lead with Christian Bethancourt’s RBI single. All the damage was to Fernando Cruz, a Creole relief player who finished the regular season without allowing a run in the Puerto Rico League.

At the top of the 9th inning, Puerto Rico scored when Perez fell to shortstop. Eduardo Thomas made a mistake and Brett Rodriguez scored.

Jose Caballero took the lead on a walk under 9th, and Johnny Santos hit the pitch. After Eduardo Thomas missed the sacrifice bunt in Rob to pitcher Alexis Diaz, Munoz came to the bat and finished the game with a line drive to the right fielder.

“We know that the level of the Panama league is incomparable to the level of the league in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, or the Dominican Republic,” said Raul Dominges, Panama’s manager. “We know that the level we are facing is much higher, but we have given our nerves a chance to overcome our nerves, compete and win.”

Panama won the title at Toros de Elera twice in 1950 and 2019. It was the year the Panama team returned to the tournament.

After the victory withdrew the innings to Abdiel Sardanya (1-0), he allowed an unwinned run and defeated three rivals. number 3.

“Puerto Rico once lost in the first three games of the Caribbean Series. We can’t look back because we were champions. We have a lot of Caribbean series left and we need to move on,” said Ramon, Puerto Rico’s manager. Vazquez said. He also confirmed his confidence in Cruz. “Fernando has been a great relief player in the league for many years. I’m sure he’ll be able to move on and work in the next match. I won’t lose confidence in him,” said the pilot.

The game has begun a Caribbean classic at the Kisukeya Juan Marishal Stadium in Santo Domingo.

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Hanser Alberto and All-Star Major League Baseball veteran Robinson Cano scored in the 7th inning, while the Cibao Giants beat Charros de Jalisco 3-2.

On first base, the Dominican Order went up to first base with a grounder in Kano, and Hanser Alberto took advantage of the drop from third base. Mexico tied it in the lower half of the same inning with a RBI single from Jaffet Amador.

In episode 3, Charlo took the lead thanks to Joey Meneses’ single, which Esteban Quiroz used to score.

Moises Sierra opened seven doubles, with Jordany Valdespin walking for him, and two outs later, Alberto and Kano hitting an RBI single.

“I’m happy with tonight’s victory. I didn’t stop the fight. I made some adjustments. I pay tribute to the Mexican team, the country’s champion, but fortunately, I’m happy to win. I was able to do it, “Kano said.

Luis Castillo (1-0) defeated the only batter he faced and won the game. After allowing two runs and two hits in two-thirds of the innings, the loss went to Jared Wilson’s (0-1) record.

“I made a chance. I didn’t have a timely hit, but I got a lot of hits. The attack went well and there is another match tomorrow. I have to stay focused and I’ll get results. I think I was able to win the match today, but that’s the way baseball is done. I have to acknowledge their achievements in playing a good ball, “said Mexican manager Roberto Bizkara.


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