Colombia loses despite defeating Venezuela 1-0

Colombia Loses Despite Defeating Venezuela 1-0


Caracas (AP) — Colombia’s desire to play in the World Cup for the third consecutive year in the playoffs has been shattered and James Rodriguez has penalized him, despite defeating Venezuela 1-0 at home on Tuesday.

CONMEBOL’s victory at the end of Thailand was the first premise that Colombia demanded to continue its World Cup aspirations.


However, the second was not achieved. In a simultaneous duel, Peru defeated Paraguay 2-0 at home and made a ticket to the intercontinental playoffs with Australia or the United Arab Emirates.

Peru was fifth with a tie, scoring 24 points, one more than Colombia. By this final day, Brazil had passed the qualifying round directly, finishing with 45 points, followed by Argentina (39), Uruguay (28) and Ecuador (26).

“We were excluded from the World Cup,” James lamented after the match. “We have to take responsibility, we lost too many points at home.”

Qatar’s current player Al Rayyan midfielder converted the penalty in the additional time of the first half. Peru won with goals from Genreka Rapadura and Jotunn Yotun.

Los Cafeteros had a slight advantage on the final day, represented by a better goal difference and equal in points, in case Peru didn’t win. Peru’s record was minus 5, but Colombia was zero.

Uruguay, meanwhile, beat Chile 2-0. La Roja, with a goal balance of less than 5, was in the most difficult situation. They had to defeat Uruguay in Santiago, and their direct rivals suffered a fatal setback.

Venezuela, the only South American team that has never played in the World Cup, sank to the final spot at 10 points.

The penalty for winning Colombia was sanctioned after defender Ronaldo Hernandez fouled attacker Rafael Santos Borre.

Wuilker Farínez saved his first shot, but Brazilian referee Milton Sampaio ordered the goalkeeper to repeat after confirming through the VAR that the goalkeeper had advanced.

The Columbia team’s World Cup process stumbled upon Carlos Queiroz of Portugal, who was dismissed in December 2020. Reinaldo Rueda, who led Chile at the start of Thailand, left the team’s bench and took charge of his home country team. He had already failed in his attempt to expand into Germany in 2006.

Again, the goal was not achieved. And both Chile and Colombia just watch the World Cup from home.

James admitted that the tie was plagued by ups and downs, including seven consecutive non-scoring wins, just losing to Bolivia 3-0 last week.

“Everything you say can be used against us, there is no word, we did our job today, (but) when you no longer depend on you, it’s It’s a lot more complicated, “he added.

In the match at Cachamay Stadium in Puerto Ordaz, both teams came out like a storm and played hard. However, this was not initially converted into a goal, as the crooked spectacle of the Venezuelan attack repeatedly threatened the goal protected by David Ospina.

The other person was Farignes, who showed an extraordinary save in the first 30 minutes, curbing three clear scoring chances.

“Colombia stood up very well. They did a good job for us. I think we did a great job. We did a great job (what it is) to leave in defeat. It’s a shame, “commented the French lens goalkeeper.

Farínez was optimistic about the future of the Vinotino team.

“We have great opportunities to take advantage of, we have great projects, and we hope that God’s grace will be given to us,” he said.

Argentine coach José Pékerman was hired in December to lead the next five-year process, which ultimately achieved the Venezuelan classification and ensured a turnaround in Venezuela’s long history of frustration.

Colombia, led by Pékerman in the last two World Cups, advanced to the quarterfinals in Brazil in 2014, played in Russia in 2018 and stumbled in 16 rounds.

Pékerman resigned from the post because Colombian footballers showed a remarkable positive balance but were not interested in extending his new contract.

Colombia is not currently in the World Cup.


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