Colombia Remains In The Hands Of The Undecided In The Electoral Campaign

With the two presidential candidates out of the picture, the atypical Colombian electoral campaign enters its last week with the focus on the undecided, who will be key to the tiebreaker between the leftist Gustavo Petro and the populist Rodolfo Hernández.

Neither Petro nor Hernández made any public appearance this Monday, and preferred to remain entrenched in their social networks as they have been for a good part of the campaign and as they plan to continue in the last week of the electoral contest.

“6 days away from removing all those corrupt politicians who have been embedded in the government for years,” the “engineer” has limited himself to saying on his Twitter account, as Hernández, a construction businessman, likes to be called. 77 year old billionaire.


While Petro, former mayor of Bogotá and winner of the first round, who today has spent the day recording promotional content for the final stretch, according to his campaign team, shared a family photo with his wife, Verónica Alcocer, and two of his daughters and in which his candidate for the Vice Presidency, Francia Márquez, is also present.

This is in the “intimate” line in which the former mayor of Bogotá has decided to carry out this last phase of the campaign and, after filling public squares throughout the country with tens of thousands of people before May 29, he has now adopted acts private with families and communities and on Sunday launched a campaign “spot” talking face to face with the mother who “is anxious every day to feed her children” or the working woman: “You give yourself to your family but you live in fear “.

Undecided and blank vote

Practically all the polls agree in giving a technical tie between Petro and Hernández in the intention to vote, with differences in some cases of 0.3%, and a trend that shows how the former mayor of Bucaramanga has lost followers, after rising like foam in the last weeks of the first round, and Petro has managed to consolidate and even grow slightly.

“What is showing in the daily tracking of RCN, which it does with the GAD3 firm (one of the pollsters that has published almost daily polls), is that the majority, not all, of those who thought at some point of voting for Rodolfo , they are going to vote blank or not to vote,” Andres Segura, a consultant in public affairs, political communication and public opinion, summed up to Efe.

The polls of the last week also showed, depending on the sample, between 2.4% and 13% of blank votes and many of them did not contain the undecided, who will be key in the voting and whose vote is usually decided in this week and not be measured in the polls, whose publication is already prohibited.

Petro “has risen very little,” said Segura, something consistent in his career in the polls, but that can play tricks on him on Sunday, since “his 2018 vote in the second round, he managed to consolidate it in first in 2022 and It has no more to grow.”

So the “blank vote is going to be fundamental”, according to the consultant, who pointed out that Petro is “playing it to encourage the blank vote” among those voters who have already seen that they may get off the “rodolfoneta” due to the untimeliness of the candidate and the lack of specificity of his proposals, whose populist tone served him for the first round but it is not known if the pull will hold up in a second.

own goals

Precisely, Petro’s campaign expects that some comments such as sending women to the kitchen or outbursts with the press and the aggressive tone he adopts when he is contradicted will serve to increase that blank vote, especially in the more than 4 million voters that the center grouped, in the figure of Sergio Fajardo, in the 2018 elections.

That figure dropped considerably to less than 900,000 in the first round and Petro has already channeled a good part of those who were going to vote for him, so to win and to be the charm on his third attempt he needs to get part of the 5.9 million people who They voted for Hernández not to do it in the second and that all the 5 million right-wing votes that went to Federico Gutiérrez on May 29 are not added to him either.

On the other hand, there is the leak of videos last week by the press of meetings of members of the leftist campaign where they talked about financing and how to attack rivals, which is not illegal, but highlights the companies of the Petro surrounds himself, like Senator Roy Barreras or former Senator Armando Benedetti, two very controversial people criticized by potential voters in the second round.

The influence of the undecided and the blank vote will be seen this Sunday when the ballot is held, in elections that are already underway in Colombian consulates abroad.

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