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Colombia Will Investigate Facebook For Global Data Theft | Voice Of America

The authority in charge of monitoring the protection of personal data in Colombia initiated an investigation to establish whether Facebook put at risk the personal information of more than 30 million users that it has in Colombia after international alerts for the massive and worldwide data theft that was recently met. The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) reported on Wednesday, in a statement, that it initiated an administrative action “with the purpose of establishing whether Facebook (Facebook Inc., Facebook Ireland Limited and Facebook Colombia SAS) complied or not with the regime of data protection, especially the principles of security, access and restricted circulation of information ”. Colombia has a data protection regime that is monitored by the SIC, a state entity that has the competence to carry out administrative, not criminal, investigations in private companies that can lead to a database blocking or a sanction of up to 1,800 million pesos (approximately $ 494,000). “As all laws have a territorial scope, in theory the SIC cannot sanction Facebook Ireland, but it does have jurisdiction over Facebook Colombia. However, it is unlikely because in another investigation carried out by the SIC, Facebook Colombia responded that they do not have access to the data and that here they only fulfill an advertising function, ”Heidy Balanta, an expert lawyer in data protection, explained to The Associated Press. . In Colombia, the investigation aims to “obtain clear and precise information on the alleged security incident.” However, Facebook director Mike Clark said in a statement released on Tuesday that “malicious actors” stole information from his platform before 2019 using “an automated program to extract public information from the Internet that can then be distributed in forums like that. ”. The information leak of 533 users around the world was initially reported by Business Insider and includes phone numbers, locations, names and email addresses. “By January of this year, 36 million Colombian people had used Facebook in the last month and of them 98.5% access Facebook through cell phones, where it is also one of the services that are distributed for free with cellular connections. prepaid, ”Carolina Botero, member of the Creative Commons Board of Directors and director of the Karisma Foundation, who works to defend human rights on the Internet, told the AP. Colombia orders Google to comply with the protection of user data The superintendency found that Google fails to comply with more than 50% of the requirements demanded by the Colombian regulation on data processing. This ease of accessing Facebook even without an Internet connection on cell phones is due to an exception in Colombian law, warns Botero, who believes that it is for this reason that “Facebook undoubtedly deserves to be monitored by the State.” However, he adds that between 2018 and 2019 Colombia opened two investigations against Facebook of which no progress is known. “We do not know the response of Facebook, nor the decisions of the authority, therefore, the big question is if something happened this time.” Colombia holds the presidency of the Ibero-American Data Protection Network 2021-2022. It brings together 22 authorities dedicated to this task worldwide. Connect with the Voice of America! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and activate notifications; or, follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter

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