Comadres To The Attack! The Debut Of Galilea Montijo And Inés Gómez Mont On TikTok

The drivers officially premiered in the most popular app of the moment with a fun video about what happens when you use a girdle in secret …

God creates them and they … have fun! Inés Gómez Mont and her great friend, Galilea Montijo they just got together, but not for a new work project, but to literally produce the debut of Gali in one of the most popular apps of the moment: TikTok.


Agnes She was in charge of sharing on Instagram how fun this experiment was in which we see the two conductors in their first sketch for this application.

In the video of just a few seconds long we see what happens when Agnes discover the secret of Galilee and her reaction upon knowing exposed.

To better complete the capsule, you can even hear recorded laughs in the background, as is the case in sitcoms.

Martha debayle, Blanchet light, Fernanda Familiar, Maggie Hegyi, Jimena Gallego were some of the celebrities who applauded this new adventure of Agnes Y Galilee and they stressed that only they know how to have fun this way.

Although Galilea Montijo and Inés Gómez Mont They have just been released in the app, the truth is that TikTok is becoming increasingly popular among celebrities.

Some celebrities Mexican women who are already famous tiktokers are Vadhir Derbez (his videos have almost a million views), his brother José Eduardo Derbez, Michelle Renaud , Roger Gonzalez, Luisito Comunica, Faisy, Polo Morín, Eugenio Siller, Violeta Isfel, among others.

In addition, some celebrities already have accounts dedicated to them, such as Victoria Ruffo, whose fans created ruffo_videos_, which takes up the best videos that the actress has shared on her social networks.