Come Back To TV !? Rafael Amaya You Already Have a New Project At Hand!

Rafael Amaya has been away from public view for almost two years, and there are many rumors about what the reasons would be.

To the former protagonist of the Lord of the Skies, it seemed to have swallowed the earth after the controversial and unexpected death of his character in that series. Related News It is that in the first episodes of the sixth season, Aurelio Casillas, who played Amaya, was put in a coma, and his comeback was expected in the next edition but the opposite happened.

At that time it was speculated that the actor had had serious differences with the channel that produced and broadcast the popular program. Another comment he circulated was that the Mexican He had been admitted to a rehabilitation clinic for substance abuse.


However, the singer and friend of the TV host, Roberto Tapia, appeared to ruin all those versions.

Apparently, the former Celaya is working on new projects, so there is no mystery behind his decision to keep a low profile.