Come Happiness Changes Its Entire Cast Because Of The Coronavirus

Laura G., Anette Cuburu and Sergio Sepúlveda, Flor Rubio, Ricardo Cásares and Brando Peniche, among others, are in quarantine because Patricio Borghetti has a coronavirus

This Friday, March 20, the morning Come joy It started in a very different way than we were used to. And it is that on the screen the main drivers did not appear Anette Cuburu, Laura G., Sergio Sepúlveda Y Patricio Borgetti, Roger González, Blond Flower, Ricardo Cásares, Kristal Silva, Penelope Menchaca, Capi Pérez, Cynthia Rodríguez Y Brandon Peniche.


Instead they appeared Horacio Villalobos, Eddie Villard, Sofia Aragon, Rafa Mercadante Y William Valdés, among others, who explained that the absence of the regular drivers is due to a preventive measure since last night, the driver of Argentine origin confirmed that he tested positive for coronavirus , like his wife Odalys Ramírez.

During the first five minutes of editing, Come joy He linked up with three of his drivers who talked about how they are living this first day of quarantine (until now voluntary) after the diagnosis of Borghetti.

The first to speak was Sergio Sepúlveda, who said: “Thank you colleagues for helping us to make this transmission in a special way. I’m really fine. Surprised because I am never at home at this time of the morning. On a mental level I feel very optimistic, I do not have any symptoms. I am about to do the test later and the truth I must tell the public that this is a responsible measure of production to take care of ourselves. We are in high spirits. ”

For his part, Laura G. she said that she is being held together with her husband and their two children Pike Y Lisa. “My husband has been doing voluntary quarantine for a week. Yesterday the decision was made (that the regular drivers be in isolation) after the news (from Borghetti diagnosis ). We have no other choice. It is responsible, it is what we have to do and I am very well. I don’t have a symptom. I’m tired of taking care of the kids so much, ”she joked.

While Anette Cuburu He assured that health feels “incredible”. “We have to be responsible. Production cares about its people and has to do the right thing and that is what we are doing from here. It only hurts our hearts that we cannot give our audience a smile from the forum. ”

It is still necessary to know the health status of other drivers such as Roger González, Blond Flower, Ricardo Cásares, Penelope Menchaca, Cynthia Rodríguez Y Brandon Peniche.