Concacaf Final Hex: Qualified Teams And The Five That Fight For Two Places – Ten

Four teams are already enjoying the honeys of a good positioning in the FIFA ranking, since with that, they have tied ticket to the hexagonal Concacaf.

Those teams are Mexico, the United States, Costa Rica and Jamaica, who expect to know what two other teams will be their rivals.

As fifth best located is Honduras, which has raised its level and that has helped it to add units in the count of selections since it takes a 32-point advantage to El Salvador, which is, at this time, out of orbit.


After the last results, Canada has been the team that has fared best, only in the last duel he won accumulated 18 points, since the United States is a better positioned selection than those of the Maple Leaf and that is paid with a Good score

On the other hand, El Salvador, which did win its two games for the League of Nations, these did not weigh so much since they are squads that are below their position in the FIFA ranking and that is why the Canadians prevailed.

Selections classified to the final hexagonal of Concacaf:

1. Mexico: 1603 points

2. United States: 1545 points

3. Costa Rica: 1442 points

4. Jamaica: 1435 points

The five teams that fight for two places:

5. Honduras: 1368 points

6. Canada: 1340 points

7. El Salvador: 1336 points

8. Curacao: 1323 points

9. Panama: 1310 points