"Condemn Trump and lock him up": the message in a plane while flying over the Mar-a-Lago club in Florida

“Condemn Trump And Lock Him Up”: The Message In a Plane While Flying Over The Mar-a-Lago Club In Florida

Miami – A plane flew over the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach (Florida) on Friday, where former President Donald Trump now resides, with a notice that reads “Condemn Trump and lock him up,” in reference to the impeachment he faces for the assault his followers made on the Capitol.

A banner is flown over former President Trump’s club Mar-a-Lago that read: “CONVICT TRUMP AND LOCK HIM UP!” pic.twitter.com/W2brmaJZWT

– The Hill (@thehill) February 12, 2021


The petition to “lock him up”, which Trump used tirelessly against his political rival Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections, flew over today just as the Republican’s lawyers began their defense on Capitol Hill, which was the site of the excesses that the Trumpists carried out in the past. January 6 and that ended with five dead.

The former president is accused in Congress of inciting his followers to take over the legislature by arguing without evidence that the elections in which Democrat Joe Biden was victorious were fraudulent.

The Democratic “prosecutors” in Trump’s second impeachment trial profiled the former president as the “chief inciter” of the mob that stormed the Capitol, and accused him of “deliberately encouraging” violence to try to stay in power.

Trump arrived on January 20 to settle in his Mar-a-Lago club, minutes before Biden assumed the Presidency in a ceremony in Washington, which he refused to attend as is traditional.

Palm Beach is overwhelmingly Democratic, a fact that has been made visible by the refusal of county councilors who have spoken out against ideas of renaming the local airport and a highway in honor of Trump.

Likewise, residents have protested the closure of roads and other security measures that involve the presence of the former president in the neighborhood and there is a pending complaint that the Republican cannot live in the club, according to a 1993 agreement between the club and the city. from Palm Beach.

After the defeat, the Trump family is settling in Florida.

The media have reported on Trump and Melania’s plans to buy a property in Palm Beach, as well as the acquisition of a house in Jupiter, north of Palm Beach, by their eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

Meanwhile, her daughter Tiffany is reviewing properties in Miami, where her sister Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, recently bought a piece of land for $ 31.8 million.



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