Confident Of Her Beauty, Salma Hayek Shows Off Her Gray Hair

The Mexican actress boasted a photograph in which she invited her followers to feel proud of her roots.

Definitely, Salma Hayek She is one of the most successful and acclaimed Mexican actresses in the Hollywood industry, which is why she is not afraid to show herself as she is, as happened in one of her most recent publication on her social networks, in which the actress she showed herself to the natural by boasting some vestiges of her physical maturity of which she is very proud.


Through her Instagram profile, the Mexican interpreter shared a photograph in which she showed the ravages of the quarantine, since there were no open beauty salons or stylists available, and she boasted her hair with some gray hair with which she wanted to send a positive message to all his followers.

“Be proud of your roots,” was the message that accompanied the photograph, which exceeded 500,000 “I like it.” As expected, the image she published caused her fans to fill her with compliments and compliments, most agreeing that the actress looks radiant at 53 years old.

“You still look beautiful”, “Beautiful in any color”, “You still look beautiful” and “Beautiful face. Your spectacular hair. Greetings ”, were some of the messages that his followers wrote him.

At present, Salma Hayek She is considered one of the most beautiful and influential women in the entertainment world, however, in a past interview she confessed that at the beginning of her career she felt a lot of pressure regarding the way she conceived of beauty: “She used to criticize me a lot. Now, When I look in the mirror and there are things that are not there, I think about how much I will love myself in 10 years, “he told People.

In addition, during the quarantine, several celebrities have shared their most human side, leaving aside their role as celebrities, and the Mexican has not been the exception, because through her social networks she has shared a little more of her intimate and family life.

Through her videos and photographs, she has demonstrated that her life is not so different from that of her thousands of her followers, who, like her, have had to remain in confinement, just see her gallery on Instagram to enjoy the culinary moment at along with her daughter Valentina Paloma or her beauty advice, such as the vitamin C cocktail she recently prepared.