Congress Wins a Double Game To Trump: a Court Says That The 'impeachment' Is Legal And Gives Him Access To The Evidence Of ‘Russiagate’ | Univision Politics News

Democrats in Congress scored on Friday a double victory over President Donald Trump by getting a federal court to authorize them access to the documentation collected during two years of work by the special prosecutor's office headed by Robert Mueller and investigating Russian interference in the presidential campaign of 2020 and the unproven coordination with the republican campaign.

In addition, Judge Beryl Howell ruled that the process of investigation for political trial launched by the Democrats in the House of Representatives a little more than a month ago is valid even though a vote has not been called in plenary to authorize it, as had been done in previous processes

In its ruling, Howell orders the Department of Justice to contribute before October 30 “all portions of the Special Prosecutor Rober S. Mueller's Report on the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections that were edited related to large restrictions jury".


Echoes of the Watergate case

A State Department spokesman told The Washington Post that they are “reviewing the decision,” although an appeal to a higher court is very likely.

Judge Howell cited in her ruling the case of Haldeman v. 1974 Sirica, when Richard Nixon's former chief of staff, Bon Haldeman, was trying to avoid prosecution by prosecutor John Sirica as part of the spying case of the Democratic Party offices in the Watergate building.

On that occasion it was determined that the procedures of political trial in Congress are exempt from the rules of secrecy of the grand juries.

The lawyers of the Department of Justice now maintain that this decision was based on an ambiguous interpretation that is not valid (although that is a matter that must be determined by a legal court) and that the materials of the grand jury of the Watergate case should not have been handed over to Congress .

The faces of ‘Russiagate’, the investigation that bothers President Trump (photos)


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