Connie Chaparro, Wife Of Sergio Galliani, Poses Topless Through Instagam, But Followers Criticize Her | Shows

Connie Chaparro has been away from any kind of public scandal for a long time. However, a recent post on Instagram has caused shock among its thousands of followers.

The wife of the renowned Peruvian actor Sergio Galliani shared a striking photo in networks where he posed with a leather jacket with nothing underneath, that is, without a bra.

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Connie Chaparro wrote an extensive text explaining the reasons that led her to make such a decision.

“I never dared to take such sensual photos, this time I said: but now is when? Love your body inside and out and if someone doesn't like it, then look the other way, ”the actress also wrote on Instagram.

The actress and her bold photo on Instagram.

Despite the message that accompanied the sensual photography, many broadcasters of the broadcaster criticized her for posing that way.

“Mamacita beautiful, you don't need to go out like that, taking those kind of photos is not necessary”, “Very beautiful without a doubt, a question why the photo?”, “You don't need to take that photo, you are very pretty as you are”, "Remember that you are a mother and someday they will tell your children what you did … I do not know how your husband allows you to take these types of photos," are some of the messages that sent him to Connie.

Followers defend Connie Chaparro

Despite receiving harsh criticism for the daring photo, a group of users applauded the guts of Connie Chaparro for posing with little clothes.

“Being a mother should not make you lose your sensuality. No hypocrisy, please. Being a mother does not kill you as a woman, on the contrary it makes you more sensual, more woman because the senses are given to the fullest ”,“ More daring than intense friend of mine, but come on, art is beauty and vice versa. Kisses skinny "," You are beautiful and very sexy thanks for being so you ", wrote some fans of the actress.

Connie Chaparro: Actress and journalist

And many of his fans have been very surprised with the revealing photo of Connie Chaparro since he has always lived far from the scandals, of the controversies, dedicated entirely to his work as an actress.

Not only is she an actress, she is also a coach, claun, but she is a journalist by profession, and she has dedicated herself in recent years to performing sole proprietorships, the most recent has been next to Angie Palomino called 'I am intense and what!', The which premiered at the end of February this year.