Constanza, The Daughter Of Edith González, Could She Dedicate Herself To The Artistic Medium?

Victor Manuel, brother of the late actress, stated that the 15-year-old girl enjoys playing the guitar in her spare time.

In June of last year, Edith González passed away as a result of ovarian cancer diagnosed in 2016. Her only daughter, Constance , was in the custody of his biological father Santiago Creel And now nine months after the actress’ death, the teenager reappeared in public.


The young woman, who turned 15 in August, attended the premiere of the last film her mother filmed, An honest feeling in the dungeon of oblivion, by the director. Luis Bárcenas. The premiere of the film was attended not only by the eldest daughter of Edith, also his brother Victor Manuel and his widower Lorenzo Lazo .

Unlike his uncle and expat, Constance He avoided giving any statement to the media and even tried not to be caught on camera with the help of a relative, who at all times hugged her, however, he was Victor Manuel González who shared if the young woman wishes to follow in the mother’s footsteps in the artistic medium.

“Until now apparently not, the future will tell us, but right now the only thing that is is that she shows a lot of disposition to the guitar, she loves in her spare time being scratching the lyre as we said in the 60’s. She scratches the lyre a lot , he sings, but nothing that indicates until now that he wants to dedicate himself to the arts “, shared Víctor Manuel in an interview for the program Today.

The brother of the interpreter does not know until now if they will do something special to commemorate the first anniversary of death of Edith next June 13: “I think that we will discuss it with her husband, with Lorenzo Lazo and see how we will remember her, with affection, with simplicity, nothing spectacular but if as she was,” he stressed.

It was in that same event that Victor Manuel shared how you are Constance and revealed that the young woman has gradually managed to overcome the terrible loss of her mother thanks to the support of her family, but also of a specialist in thanatology.

In addition, the young woman has had to adapt to her new life, since since the death of her mother, she lives with her biological father Santiago Creel: “I think that now (Constanza’s) priority is the lack of her mom because she had extensive communication with her mom, and then, adjusting to a new life cost her her job, but well, Santiago (Creel) has behaved very well, with a lot of patience and well we are all fighting, I will not stop being the moral companion that has always been for her ”.

“My daughter and she did have recourse (to a thanatologist) because it was a very hard blow. My daughter was 19 years old when Edith and Constanza 14 died, so they are in full development, forming character, personality and a devastating blow as is the death of my sister, because it was resorted to that for a little while they received professional help ”, declared some days to the program Selling.