Consuelo Duval: This Is Your State Of Health

Consuelo Duval: this is your state of health | special

Consuelo Duval, has decided to really clarify what happened to him. This is your true state of health.

National media reported that Consuelo Duval had suffered a heart attack, but the host has denied it on her Instagram account.


He said he is leaving the doctor and that the diagnosis is not as serious as one thinks; He noted that all his discomfort was due to high blood pressure and bad habits, so his doctor placed several devices to monitor his heart rate.

"Chingaderitas of my heart !! NO ATTACK TO THE HEART !! Just a tachycardia that warned me that I have to pay attention to my health and change the bad habits that I have !, said Consuelo Duval next to the video in the one who clarified his state of health.

"With this heart that scared us, I thank you for doing with your messages that I feel the most loved and accompanied by the universe!" He said.

After his explanation, as is his custom, Consuelo Duval joked with his followers and commented on a new publication:

"Do not forget that I am Mrs. INCREDIBLE! What was very clear with the doctor is that there is no remedy for" The screw I am missing " l @ s love !!"