CONTRIBUTION – Hide Mental Health Situations At Home

Mental health must be treated correctly and without taboos. Sometimes there are those who are aware of a disorder in this regard, want to show that they do not have it, or if it is a family member, the situation tends to be hidden.

There are many ways to make people understand that this type of problem is human, and that you don't have to feel bad about having it, rather, you have to face it and look for solutions.

Through music it can be done. In fact, to remember World Mental Health Day, it will be staged without scorn starting on November 8, in Studio Theater, with the Pulitzer's winning musical work, 'Almost Normal' (Next to Normal), which features the story of a "perfect" family, who secretly suffers day by day from the mental disorder that affects the mother.


Her case occurs after an event in her youth, which led her to develop a mental illness. A self-sacrificing mother, careful, worried, but who cannot control the situations that emerge from her health condition, which turns out to be so little socially accepted, that it becomes even more difficult to live with it.

Actress Laura Leclerc will have the challenge of playing this housewife. The work will also have the performances of Alejandro Espino, Juan Manuel González, Gabriel Annabelle Aquino, Jean Luis Burgos and Vladimir Rodríguez; a technical team composed of Joyce Roy in the general direction, the production of Camilo Then, the vocal direction of Claudia González, and the musical direction of Hary Solano.