Controversy! Khloé Kardashian Sets Off Romance Alarms. Did You Go Back To Your Ex Boyfriend?

Khloé Kardashian has recorded in front of the cameras all the moments she has lived in matters of love, including her failed marriage.

Since then, the youngest of the Kardashians He has starred in a series of scandals due to the way he has ended these episodes of his life. Related News It is no secret to anyone that the 35-year-old socialite He has had to experience hard moments in his love relationships, facing infidelity scandals and health problems.

One of the best-known controversies of the pants businesswoman was that she lived with Tristan Thompson, who is the father of her daughter, and cheated on her days before giving birth with her sister Kylie’s best friend. The family and the audience questioned the basketball player’s attitude, while Khloé received help and support in her first months as a mom.


Now, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has tried to regain contact with her ex-boyfriend, stating that she is doing so for the sake of her daughter. For their loved ones and fans it is an alert of possible reconciliation.

A similar event occurred a couple of years ago, when the entertainer of “The X Factor” wanted to establish a friendship with Lamar Odom, ignoring the warnings that came from the most important clan on television, an issue that has been repeated with Tristan, who is not well received in the family.