Controversy: Palo De Oribe Peralta To Tigres For Not Showing Solidarity With Veracruz – Ten

Striker Oribe Peralta did not hide his discomfort against the attitude that Tigres took last Friday while facing Veracruz at the Luis 'Pirata' Fuente stadium.

The attacker of Chivas said it was the right time to demonstrate union in Aztec football due to the complicated situation of the Red Sharks and reproached the behavior of the Tuca Ferreti team.

"" We had the opportunity to show that football is of respect and honor, there was also the opportunity to show solidarity and empathy, but it wasn't like that, I don't know why" https: / / ", commented Oribe, on his arrival in Monterrey to face Rayados this Sunday and complete the day.


""The players are an example that things can be done well, that you should have empathy with others and not only in football, but in life in general" https: //, "Peralta added.

Finally, the player did not bite his tongue to throw his dart at Tigres, since he believes they were not supportive of the rival.

"" Because of this situation, there are many injustices and I think that if you are not helping or helping to make things or your similar ones in better conditions, you are on the opposite side" https: //, "he said.