Corona Resorts To Several Celebrities To Combat The Crisis Caused By The Coronavirus

The COVID-19 epidemic is causing a considerable stir throughout the globe. To the fear for the possible consequences for the health of the risk groups we must add the economic losses that are being suffered by cancellation of events, restriction of movements and other inconveniences. In all this maelstrom there is a collateral victim that has absolutely no relationship with the pathogen in question, but that has had the bad luck of being called the same: yes, although it seems incredible, the Corona beer brand is suffering a sales and reputation crisis because of the collective hysteria by the SARS-CoV-2 The question of the coronavirus is so full of skin that the brand has to go with lead feet to not worsen its situation. So much so that they have even decided to delete a tweet in which Corona promoted its new Seltzer drink with the slogan coming ashore soon (“coming soon on land”) because some Internet users considered it inappropriate when relating it to the international health crisis. Surreal, but true. In this situation, the company has made an advertising investment in style and has hired numerous personalities who “represent the spirit of Corona.” As the visible face of the next campaign they have chosen the American actor and rapper Snoop Dogg and will also star stars such as actress Zoe Saldana, former NBA player Kenny Smith, golfer Rickie Fowler or Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian. campaign, devised by the agency Mullen Lowe and entitled “The finest life”, plans to see the light in May. Meanwhile, the company has other campaigns underway to promote its different varieties of beer, such as an ad for Corona Extra in which Kenny Smith and sports commentator Tony Romo appear as telemarketers on a paradise beach, and have launched a spot made by the Cramer-Krasselt agency for the Seltzer Crown with the slogan “another way to find your beach”; They have collaborated with country singer Luke Bryan for their Two Lane American Lager ad and have had the collaboration of the Color Run sports race to promote the Premier Crown. A huge advertising investment with which the company hopes to reduce the unexpected impact of the coronavirus on its brand image.More stories that may interest you:



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