Coronavirus Cases Are Raised To 15 In The United States

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today reported a positive to Covid-19, the new strain of the coronavirus, among the group that is quarantined by the federal government at the base of the Air Force in San Antonio, Texas.

Neither the gender nor the age of the infected person who arrived in Texas on February 7 on a flight from China was disclosed.

This is the first case of the Covid-19 coronavirus among people in quarantine at the Air Force base in Texas. The person is in isolation and receiving medical assistance at a nearby hospital.


In a brief written statement, the CDC stressed that all people who lived or traveled to Hubei Province, China are considered at high risk of being exposed to the new virus. Therefore, they were placed in a quarantine period of 14 days from their entry into the United States.

As reported, more cases of Covid-19 are anticipated among the more than 600 people who returned on chartered flights from Wuhan, China, where it remains the epicenter of these cases.

So far, 15 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the United States. California is the state with the highest number of cases.

Meanwhile, today was the first death from this disease in Japan. Reportedly, it is a woman in her 80s who lived near Tokyo. The woman had symptoms of this virus on January 22 and was hospitalized on February 1.

In Japan there are another 200 confirmed cases of this disease among a group of travelers on a cruise ship that was quarantined earlier this month.

After the change of criteria applied by the Chinese authorities to count the infected, the Asian country raised to the 59,805 the contagions and 1,367 the deaths.



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