Coronavirus Cases Increase To Eight In Puerto Rico

Two men tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19), bringing the number of people infected in Puerto Rico to eight, the Health Department reported this morning.

The patients, one 68 years old and the other 60, are from the Metro region and the Mayag├╝ez region, respectively. Both cases have a history of travel to Florida and developed their symptoms after arriving on the island abroad.


Salud indicated that the men are being held in isolation rooms and with restricted access. What hospital they are in was not stated. To this day, they are stable within their condition.

“These positives for COVID-19, like the other five that we have on the island, also correspond to imported cases that contracted the virus due to having had contact with a person infected outside of Puerto Rico. That is why social isolation measures have to be followed by each citizen, this is a very serious matter and the way to avoid contagion is to stay at home, “said Dr. Carmen Deseda, a state epidemiologist, in a statement from press.

According to the latest Health report, 126 tests have been made, of which 90 were negative and results are expected from another 29.

The first five cases that have been reported in the country are that of a 68-year-old Italian tourist, who was detained at the Ashford Hospital, in San Juan, after arriving in Puerto Rico with symptoms on board the Costa Luminosa cruise ship, and her husband. 70, who was asymptomatic.

The third is a 72-year-old man, admitted to the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, who the authorities initially refused to do the test.

The fourth case is an 87-year-old California man, who was aboard a cruise ship that passed through the Mona Channel and was transported to the Mayag├╝ez Medical Center Hospital. Meanwhile, the fifth is a 65-year-old woman, resident in the Mayag├╝ez region, who had traveled to New York.

Finally, this Wednesday, the sixth case was confirmed, which is a man who was treated at the Veterans Hospital.