Coronavirus | COVID-19 | Donald Trump Says That The Death Toll In China “is Much Higher Than That Of The US”

US President Donald Trump said the real balance of coronavirus cases in China is “much higher,” even after officials from the Asian giant reported a new count, greatly increasing the death toll in Wuhan, where the pandemic began. .

“China has just announced a doubling in the number of its deaths by the Invisible Enemy. It is much greater than that and much greater than that of the United States, it is not even close!” The president tweeted.

Earlier, the city of Wuhan admitted flaws in the death count and abruptly increased its death toll by 50%, amid growing global concerns about China’s transparency on this matter.


Officials said they added 1,290 deaths to the city’s balance sheet, which has suffered the vast majority of officially recognized COVID-19 deaths in China.

The new figure led to 4,632 reported deaths in China. While the United States records more than 33,000 deaths from the pandemic. (AFP)



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