Coronavirus, Neymar: Not Having a European Passport Complicates France’s Return With PSG | COVID-19 | Europe France

Updated on 03/19/2020 at 07:14

According to the Brazilian press, Neymar “fled” from France last Wednesday, heading to Brazil to get away from the coronavirus that increasingly affects France. President Emmanuel Macron made the decision to decree a state of alarm in the country due to the rise of the infected, all as a preventive measure against the disease.

Players like Thiago Silva imitated what Neymar had done in the last hours due to COVID-19 in the Old Continent, but this would create a serious problem for the PSG striker. And it is that it would not be easy to return to the city of Paris, as pointed out this Thursday by the newspaper AS in its digital edition.


The aforementioned newspaper in the Spanish capital mentions that Neymar, lacking a European passport, could complicate his return to France, all due to the coronavirus. Macron has closed borders so that the virus does not spread, so a hypothetical return of the Brazilian crack could be in suspense.

Will Neymar return to France due to the coronavirus?

‘Ney’ and the entire PSG can accept that nobody from the board has denied them leaving French lands. The recommendation to follow is to isolate and stay in shape for the return of the French first division.

It is stated that Neymar and all PSG players must follow a rigorous routine which has been given by the same PSG technical staff headed by Thomas Tuchel. It includes 8 minutes of warm-up, 10 minutes of weight lifting, 40 minutes of cardio work, 5 of sprints and another 5 corresponding to stretching.

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