Coronavirus: Rubens Sambueza Affirms That The Liga MX Stoppage Affects Everyone

Argentine midfielder Rubens Sambueza, from Pachuca, regretted his inactivity in the Clausura tournament on Sunday, but assumed that the health of people before COVID-19 comes first.

“Standing still harms not only the footballer, but the people who depend indirectly on the matches, but first there is the human being, everything that has been done seems drastic, in the end we will see that it was the best thing to protect the health of everyone” , he told EFE.

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Like the rest of the players in the Mexican league, Sambueza has remained on the lookout for quarantine indications, and although he trains at home, he accepts that unemployment in the league will be detrimental in several areas.

The return of the 14 viene is coming

According to reports, Rubens Sambueza would be returning to America in the summer, in order to end his career.

What do they say, they want to see him back?

– NarradoresMX (@NarradoresMx)
March 21, 2020

Pachuca de Sambueza was the last team that played with the public in the Clausura, on Friday of last week against Tijuana, which was surprising for the midfielder because then Mexico already had cases of coronavirus and other leagues had stopped.

“For me it was illogical because the news in the world was already advancing; we still had to play in Tijuana with people in the stands. The next day they canceled the entrance of the public in other games; now, the advantage is that we spend time with the family and We will try not to lose physical shape with exercises at home, “he said.

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– José Juan Vázquez (@josejuanvazkez)
March 18, 2020

Considered key in the midfield of Pachuca, Sambuenza explained that at 36 he still has physical conditions to play, although he acknowledges that he is already envisioning his retirement as a professional.

“As long as I want to continue playing and show that I can help the team, I will surely continue. God willing and I can continue to be linked to football, I am doing a technical course, I like it a lot, I am passionate about this. I had a good career, with titles and glory and for me the most beautiful stage was in America, “he said.

Referring to the way to continue the championship, the player suggested that when conditions allow and there is no risk of contagion from the pandemic, the championship should continue with the remaining seven dates.

“The ideal would be to stretch the championship and readjust the dates so that it culminates later and the fight for the title is won on the field,” he said, referring to the assumption that the leader Cruz Azul is declared champion, a rumor that has started. by the media.