“Cosas Del Amor”, The Cover With Which Ximena Sariñana Is Conquering The Network

As part of her character on the Netflix series, Sariñana reversed the classic and is breaking the networks.

The third season of The House of Flowers It premiered last week and in this new installment characters appeared that delighted the public, such is the case of Ximena Sariñana, who gives life to Carmelita when she was young. The good acceptance of the character was also pushed by a video that has gone viral on networks, it is the cover of “Cosas del amor”, which the singer made for the Manolo Caro series.


The interpretation of the theme has been a sensation on YouTube and on networks. The public has not stopped sharing the clip in which we can see Ximena characterized as her character singing with much feeling the popular theme of the 70s.

Although the video that has gone viral is very brief, it tells the story of Carmelita, who in new episodes of The flower house They break his heart, so the theme of Ana Gabriel and Vicky Carr falls like a ring on his finger.

After three seasons, the series created by Manolo Caro, one of the first in streaming With a classic novel theme, it has been successfully completed.

The series that tells the family dramas of De la Mora stood out for its inclusive theme and respect for sexual diversity.

This Sunday, Ximena shared an online concert to join the efforts of # QuédateEnCasa, in which she took the opportunity to show off her good experiences in the world of cooking, to the extent that she has announced a couple of recipes for her followers.

“My daughter turned her birthday and I made her a chocolate cake. He did not complain because he cannot, but the other person who tried it did not complain either and that is a success for me ”, said Sariñana during his live.

“I can’t wait for this to happen to cook the people I love and maybe in a dynamic with fans. I promise not to kill you from poisoning, ”he added with a laugh.