Costa Rica Travels To Qatar For Last Ticket

San Jose (AP) — Costa Rica departed for Qatar on Monday. The suitcase was optimistic and filled with the illusion of getting the last ticket for the World Cup.

Rosticos needs to defeat New Zealand in the June 14th intercontinental playoffs.


The Costa Rican team, headed by Luis Fernando Suarez, has been said goodbye by dozens of fans who came out with flags and badges to say goodbye to the bus to Juan Santamaria Airport in San Jose. rice field.

On Sunday, fans were also able to see the team in the CONCACAF Nations League match, which won 2-0 against Martinique.

The Costa Ricans have taken great care of their feet so that they do not regret saying that the football player himself is the most important match in his life.

A group of 22 soccer players will travel from Costa Rica. Among them is Captain Bryan Ruiz. He recovered from the COVID-19 infection in time and was unable to play in the last two Nations League games.

Keylor Navas, Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper and Costa Rican football protagonist, joins the Qatar team for a duel with New Zealanders.

Despite the modest performance of the last two games, it is clear in the field that Costa Rica will bet on a game similar to that shown in the final stretch of the CONCACAF qualifying round, thereby allowing them to strip. Panama in the playoffs was able to connect enough wins.

Costa Rica gains Navas’ goal guarantee, experienced and orderly defense, midfield based on the experience of Celso Borges and Lewis, a new attack with young Antony Contreras, and a good level of Joel Campbell. This result is a card that you trust.

“I’m very stressed. I’m thinking a lot about the game,” Suarez said at a press conference.

But he’s also settled on being able to repeat some of the formulas that made it possible to crown the comeback that made it possible to reach the playoffs: accumulating hours of work in the group. increase.

“Basically, all training sessions are based on his actions and New Zealand’s suggestions, which means we’ve worked hard enough,” Suarez said. “I have no apologies for that.”

For rivals, Colombian coaches guarantee that they have analyzed some previous games. His assistant coach Ronald Gomez was in Barcelona to watch the warm-up when New Zealand lost to Peru 1-0 on Sunday.

For Suarez, what New Zealand has shown to Peru is not everything. That’s why he claims to have worked on many variants of the game.

“You have to be prepared for everything. The most important thing is that you have to expect just one thing, many things, not something,” Suarez said.

“And most importantly, this is all the key. We gave the player all the training potential to react to a particular thing,” the coach added.


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