Costa Rica’s Dilemma: Do You Want To Finish The Match Against The United States Well Or Ensure The Playoffs?

San Jose (AP) — Costa Rica faces the dilemma of closing the World Cup tie with the United States on Wednesday. Think about everything to evaluate your good performance in the second round or to keep the players who could lose in the intercontinental playoffs.

The Costa Rican team was able to secure at least a playoff duel over the weekend against the Thai winner in Oceania in Qatar in mid-June.


Mathematically he was still able to qualify directly, but he would score an almost unthinkable number of goals for Americans or expect Mexico to collapse against El Salvador. I had to do it.

The big problem with Luis Fernando Suarez is that nine players on the current team, like defender Francisco Calvo, captain Bryan Ruiz, and midfielder Serso, saw another yellow card. In some cases it may be excluded from the playoffs. Borges, Winger Keysher Fuller and striker Joel Campbell are the basis of recent Costa Rican rebounds.

Young people Juison Bennett and Alonso Martinez, as well as attackers Johann Venegas, will also endanger their participation.

Suarez hasn’t seen any variants of the match at the San Jose National Stadium this Wednesday, but a statement the day before the match hinted at giving other young people a chance.

“It’s important to think about the situation and think about the players who can handle it. I think it’s good for the future of Costa Rica,” Suarez said.

By relying on variations, Costa Rica was able to set an undefeated record in the last six games. In this record, he scored 16 out of 18 points and drew with 5 wins against Mexico. But that doesn’t seem to be a priority for Suarez.

“Assuming he debuts the boy (…) friendly matches are not the same. If you are excluded from this match, because people are supporting you in a great party atmosphere. , Qualifications worth 3 points of the World Cup, “Suarez said.

“I hope people can understand every possible situation,” he added.

The United States wants to properly seal its position in the World Cup in places like San Jose who have never won a qualifying round (substantially guaranteed by a goal difference).

American captain and scorer Christian Pulisic has revealed that his team’s work is not over, despite progressing to celebrate Qatar’s qualifying on the field after the match against Panama.

“I needed three points to get myself in a really good place to qualify. And I’m very happy with the performance. But the job isn’t done yet. Another very. There is an important match and we take it very seriously. We have to get in and work anyway, “said Chelsea Winger of England.

Only disasters that score 6-0 in Costa Rica will drop the United States to fourth place in the playoffs. Therefore, it is almost true for locals to have to travel to Qatar in advance to play the pass. New Zealand or Solomon Islands.

The last time the United States lost six official games was in 1957.

“We aren’t thinking about anything of course,” said US director Gregg Berhalter. “We are playing aggressively and winning the game. That is our intention. We are not going to be cautious. We are not going to retreat. We will not play in a draw.”


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