Countries And Territories Affected By The New Coronavirus

This is the list of countries and territories that reported infections and deaths from the new coronavirus, which emerged in December in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Outside of China, including the autonomous regions of Macao and Hong Kong, more than 350 cases of infection were confirmed in 30 countries. So far there have been no cases in Latin America and Africa.

– China


About 37,200 people were infected in mainland China. And 811 of them died. Almost all the deaths occurred in the province of Hubei, birthplace of contagion, whose capital is Wuhan.

This figure is higher than the number of people who died of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome, atypical pneumonia), around 650, in mainland China and in Hong Kong in 2002-2003.

One person died in Hong Kong, where at least 26 cases were detected.

In Macao, ten cases were registered.

– Pacific Asia

Singapore: 40

Japan: 90 cases, 64 of which aboard the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship (one of them, Argentine), in quarantine off the coast of Yokohama. Another case was confirmed aboard the “Westerdam” cruise, which was sailing to Japan.

Thailand: 32

South Korea: 25

Taiwan: 17

Australia: 15

Malaysia: 17

Vietnam: 13

India: three

Philippines: three, including one dead

Nepal: four

Sri Lanka: one

Cambodia: one

– North America

Canada: seven cases

United States: 12 cases. An American, of Chinese origin, died from the coronavirus in Wuhan.

– Europe

Germany: 14 cases

Belgium: a case

Spain: two cases

Finland: a case

France: 11 cases

Italy: three cases

Sweden: a case

United Kingdom: four cases

Russia: two cases

– Middle East

United Arab Emirates: seven cases



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