Couple Meets After Weeks Separated By The Coronavirus

An American couple was enjoying a retirement trip when the coronavirus threatened their lives and forced them to separate for several weeks on two continents.

With an emotional hug John and Melanie Haering meet again in Utah’s Airport.

They we exposed to the coronavirus after they took a retirement romantic cruise trip to Japan and both had to be quarantined for several weeks in different countries in different continents.


The cruise ship “Diamond Princess” had to be put on quarantined after a passenger on board became ill and was diagnosed with the coronavirus

John said he had a fever and nausea for four days and recouped his strength after that but he had to be taken away from his wife to a local Japanese hospital.

His wife Melanie who also was quarantined at Travis air base in California didn’t know where he was being taken.

The both talked to each other via their smartphones.

John was being tested almost everyday until his results showed he no longer had the virus.

He was released from the hospital in Japan after testing and was able to go back home to Utah to reunite back with his wife Melanie

In the video it shows them getting back together for the first time at the airport.

After this experience John and Melanie expressed they just want to be an ordinary couple and live their live.

This couple was very lucky to survive the coronavirus after being diagnosed.

According to the World Health Organization’s Situation website as of March 2020 4000 people have died throughout the world

Around 114,000 people have been diagnosed with the virus.

Please visit the CDC (Center for Disease Control) if you are in North America and if oversees visit the World Head Organization for coronavirus Covid-19 treatment options







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