Course 5th. Year Of Medicine, Face-to-face Classes Returned And He Cannot Enter The Country: “My Future Is At Stake”

Debora is Brazilian, with temporary residence for her studies at the UBA, she cannot enter the country to finish her university degree

The University of Buenos Aires (UBA) ranks as the best Ibero-American university. Its graduates and scholars are among the top 50 in the world. It has been at that place in the ranking for seven consecutive years. Foreigners from neighboring countries know that this is the case and choose to emigrate to Argentina to access a prestigious education. Such was the case of Debora Correa Loureiro (29), from Brasilia.

In March 2015, some time after finishing his secondary studies, he decided to leave his life in Brazil to start a medical degree at the UBA. “I come from a family of doctors, and I know it is the best in the region. I did not hesitate. I did a year of the Common Basic Cycle (CBC), I learned Spanish, and I am already in the fifth year ”, he tells Infobae from his hometown.


Since he set foot in the country, he has rented in Barrio Norte, very close to where the Faculty of Medicine is located (Paraguay 2155, CABA). “It was ideal to study, do the practices, and get together with classmates,” he adds.

Debora is in the fifth year of a medical degree

Until the pandemic arrived. Since March 2020 the face-to-face classes went virtual. “The adaptation was not easy because in recent years medical practices are essential. You have to go through the hospital, see patients… ”, he admits.

Faced with the context, in November 2020, with no scheduled return date for the presence, Debora chose to go visit her family as she did every year for the holidays. “My life is in Buenos Aires, although on summer vacations I always travel to see my father, mother and brother.”

He bought a ticket through Aerolineas Argentinas with a return date for March 2021, but days before the flight it was canceled due to the closure of borders with Brazil. “At that time I was not alarmed because I knew that the returns to the classrooms had not yet been confirmed, I could take my virtual classes”.

If Debora is not allowed to enter, she will have to perform the partials and finals of the last stage of her career free.

Since then they have rescheduled his ticket at least five times. On July 15, the Faculty of Medicine resumed presence with the required health protocols. Debora was assigned rounds at the Fernández Hospital that she cannot do because she is stranded in Brazil. “I already communicated with my teachers and they understood my situation because it exceeds me, although they already anticipated that if I do not reach the partial and finals I will have to surrender free”.

The student is in constant communication with the Directorate of Migration and the Argentine Consulate, without obtaining a concrete answer. On the other hand, the airline company gave him a possible date for August 12, although due to the context, flights for that date have not yet been assigned. “I know it will not be solved so soon, I will have to keep waiting. It gives me impotence, and a lot of anguish. I have a house and food but my future is at stake, the last two years of my career are crucial for my training as health personnel “, he admits,

And he continues: “I have not seen patients since March, and in 2023 I received it. It’s crazy. ” Meanwhile, in order not to lose her place, Debora continues to pay the rent for her apartment in Recoleta, which has been empty since November.

The circular that they sent him from the UBA

Discouraged, and pending the new resolutions imposed by the national government, together with 125 other people, she integrates the group “We want to return home” that serves as emotional support and exchange of information regarding the entry of passengers into the country.

There is no official number of Argentine passengers stranded abroad. Consulted by Infobae, Foreign Ministry and Migration sources explained that they do not have this information. From Jurca, meanwhile, they calculated that there were about 18,000 after the first 12 days of restrictions, when the initial quota of 600 daily passengers was implemented on June 25. But they estimate that that number has been increasing.

As of this week, the number of passengers who can enter from abroad was made more flexible: it went from 742 daily to 900 (a total of 6,300 weekly passengers); and from the following week it will pass 1,000 passengers, a figure that will remain until August 6. Still, it is still half the number of passengers allowed before the most recent restrictions.

The airlines expressed their concern because 12 days before the end of the month they still do not have any officially approved flights for the month of August, which complicates the operation of the companies. “After the last Administrative Decision we were notified up to 24 hours before the frequencies and restrictions of places. The priority of the airlines was to contain customers and try to minimize the impact on passengers caused by the new untimely measures of the Government, “said Diego García, president of the Chamber of Air Companies in Argentina (Jurca), to Infobae. that groups national and foreign companies operating in the country.


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