Court Orders Donald Trump To Disclose Taxes To New York Prosecutors

New York.- An appeals court rejected an appeal by Donald Trump and ordered the firm that keeps the accounting of the president of the United States to deliver his tax returns of recent years to the New York authorities, who are investigating him.

In early October, a federal judge in New York rejected the immunity argument against criminal proceedings that Trump alleged after being required by the Manhattan Prosecutor to deliver these tax returns, and the president appealed the decision.

A panel of three judges of the appeals court ruled on the case and considered that the authorities have requested the documents from the accounting firm, Marzars, not Trump, so the issue of presidential immunity is not relevant, according to the judicial opinion that Efe granted.


The question (…) is whether a state can legally request that a third party produce the president's personal financial documents for use in a grand jury investigation while in office, "explained the magistrates of the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in your opinion.

"With the benefit of the well-articulated opinion of the district court, we maintain that any presidential immunity from a criminal process by the state does not obstruct the execution of that requirement (to deliver tax returns)," the judges considered.

Judges Katzmann, Chin and Droney refer to the decision last October issued by Judge Victor Marrero in the Southern District Court of New York, a lower instance.

Marrero rejected the arguments with which Trump blocked the delivery of his tax returns to the Prosecutor's Office alleging that "such a categorical and unlimited assertion of presidential immunity" could "constitute an abuse of executive power."

The case dates back to August, when the Manhattan Prosecutor's Office required Mazars to deliver Trump's personal and corporate income tax returns for the past eight years, so the president filed a complaint.

The Prosecutor's Office requested those documents from Mazars, who worked with Trump and the Trump Organization, as part of an investigation he conducted on secret money payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels, taking into account the laws of the state of New York.

Trump's lawyer, Jay Sekulow, said Monday after the Court of Appeals decision that Trump will ask the US Supreme Court, the highest court, to revoke this decision in an attempt to keep his tax information private. .

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