Courts in the United States stop in their tracks Donald Trump's allegations of electoral fraud

Courts In The United States Stop In Their Tracks Donald Trump’s Allegations Of Electoral Fraud

Philadelphia – Frantically searching for ways to salvage President Donald Trump’s reelection bid, his campaign followed a fast-paced legal game in six states that focused on the jackpot: Pennsylvania.

The strategy may have worked well on television and radio shows. But it has proven to be a disaster in the courts, where judges have rejected his claims of voter fraud and deemed the campaign’s legal work to have been amateurish.

In a ruling Saturday, Judge Matthew Brann, a Republican, compared the campaign’s legal arguments to a “Frankenstein” and concluded that the Trump team offered only “speculative allegations” but no evidence of rampant corruption.


Now, as the legal doors close on Trump’s attempts to undermine the popular will and win a second term, his efforts in Pennsylvania show the extent to which he is willing to push for baseless theories of widespread voter fraud.

The effort has been spearheaded by his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who arrived in the state on Saturday after the Nov.3 election as the count dragged on and the president played golf.

“Some of the ballots looked suspicious,” Giuliani, 76, said of the vote count in Philadelphia. Furthermore, he accused the city of being run by a “decrepit Democratic machine.”

“It’s a very, very strong case,” he said.

Justin Levitt, a professor at Loyola School of Law who specializes in electoral law, considers Trump’s demands dangerous. “It’s a sideshow, but it’s damaging,” Levitt said.

“The continuing unsubstantiated claims are having an effect on a substantial number of Americans. They are creating the conditions so that the elections do not work in the future, “said the expert.

Not a single court has accepted Trump’s arguments, but that didn’t stop the team from initiating nearly two dozen lawsuits against Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania.

No judge has found evidence of voter fraud in Pennsylvania or in any other state where the campaign also sued, such as in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada or Georgia.

Instead, Trump’s lawyers backtracked when pressured in court to present admissible evidence or dropped the case when accused of helping derail the democratic process.

Meanwhile, Biden’s lead in the state has expanded to more than 80,000 votes.



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