COVID-19 Wakes Up In Mask Making In Peru

LIMA (AP) – The new coronavirus has not yet arrived in Peru, but local clothing manufacturers have already found an opportunity to do business in the making of masks.

Héctor Rodríguez, a manufacturer of medical and kitchen uniforms, recently made 5,000 masks when he realized that their price had doubled due to strong demand.


On average the unit cost $ 0.58 and now amounts to $ 1.17.

“Imagine, when (COVID-19) arrives, this will be crazy,” said the 30-year-old from Lima who has been working in the capital’s neighborhood for more than a decade where 60% of Peruvians buy clothes.

Rodriguez believes that his masks will not be able to contain the new coronavirus, but at least they will prevent people from splashing while talking.

The fabric used for the mouth covers is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They are pieces left over after cutting the larger pieces to make medical uniforms.

“People are starting to despair little by little, the coronavirus has already arrived in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and people are beginning to cover themselves,” Rodriguez said.

The entrepreneur works in his workshop located in the Gamarra neighborhood consisting of 54 blocks where there are more than 2,000 galleries and a million people work daily.

The Lima Chamber of Commerce reported last week that there are a reserve of two million masks imported from China in the country.

In Latin America six countries have reported patients with coronavirus: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Mexico.


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