Cradle Of Wolves, Comparison Between Both Versions After 33 Years

Cradle of wolves in its renewed and unexpected version of Televisa's dream factory | Instagram

Cuna de Lobos reappears on Mexican television after 33 years of having aired its first version.

Catalina Creel, a character created by her writer Carlos Olmos, and incarnated by the wonderful actress MarĂ­a Rubio in 1986, impacted all of Mexico with her particular performance.


The story was produced and directed with great creativity, by Carlos Tellez, and transmitted by Televisa between 1986 and 1987, because in those years there were no resources available today.

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The cast was composed of Diana Bracho as Leonora, Gonzalo Vega as Carlos Larios, Alejandro Camacho and his wife in real life, Rebecca Jones, Lilia AragĂłn, in addition to Mr. Carlos CĂĄmara, Rosa MarĂ­a Bianchi and first actress Carmen Montejo, among others great actors.

Cuna de Lobos portrays the history of the Larios family and their matriarch Catalina Creel, who with absolute hardness and bitterness, has under her control the life of all the characters passing over her husband, as if handling the pieces of a chess board to such an extent that she makes her husband believe that because of her son and stepson, she had lost an eye to take preference for their son.

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From there arise challenging situations for her from the other characters, in her desire to be happy and live freely. However, she is eliminating one by one the characters that hinder her to carry out her selfish plans but cannot 'end' them all, and her stepson begets the one who would be the universal heir to the fortunes of the Larios.

In those years of transmission, entire Mexico met in front of the television screen to see the villains of this respectable character.

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The new version 2019 of Cuna de lobos, is one of the productions of the "Dream Factory" that describes in its promotional "We rewrite history" and with some reason, because the new versions of the two productions that has been carried out in its anthology, are far from the original.

Obviously there are several changes between the two versions, from the characters to the stories and of course the librettos.

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Produced by the talented Giselle GonzĂĄlez, “Cuna de Lobos” also features the participation of Paulette HernĂĄndez, Flavio Medina (playing a new character in the story), Azela Robinson, Gonzalo GarcĂ­a Vivanco, Nailea Norvind and JosĂ© Pablo Minor, Leonardo Daniel and starring the Spanish actress Paz Vega.

The most unexpected version of Catalina Creel is the personified by Paz Vega, as the public expected an older actress alluding to the character played by MarĂ­a Rubio.

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Another difference is that the first version lasted a total of 170 episodes (approximately one year) in its telenovela mode, while the new version is only 25, with a duration of 5 weeks, being classified as a mini-series, in addition to that at present, they are very much in vogue.