Crisis In Bolivia | Nicolás Maduro Replies To Donald Trump: “Now They Go Out To Say That They Are Coming For Venezuela. We Are Ready To Go To Battle ”| Evo Morales | United States | Venezuela | Video | World

Nicolás Maduro referred on Monday November 11 to the statement of Donald Trump on the political crisis in Bolivia, through an announcement on the state channel of Venezuela.

The US president, hours before, indicated that the departure of Evo Morales is a "signal" for the dictatorial governments of both Venezuela and Nicaragua. He also praised the role of the altiplanic military by forcing the ex-president's exit, now in political asylum.

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"These events send a strong signal to illegitimate regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua that democracy and the will of the people will always prevail," Trump said from the US. through an official statement.

The reply did not wait from the high command llanero. “Now they come out to applaud, to say that now they come for Venezuela and Nicaragua. Alert people! Let's go to combat. Do you want a fight? We are going to fight, "Maduro said forcefully.

"For peace, for homeland, for sovereignty and for the Bolivarian revolution of Venezuela. Come on, we are ready to fight, to go to battle, victory belongs to us and we will demonstrate it in practice, on the streets, in military civic union, ”he added seconds later in the reply to the US leader.

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The president of Venezuela accused the United States of planning a coup against Morales in Bolivia. "This ambush was set up from US imperialism and there is the face to applaud …," he said.

In addition, he called to march on Tuesday to support the former president of Bolivia, now in political asylum granted by the Mexican government. The statements were provided in the company of his team of governors and mayors.



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