Cruz Azul: Víctor Garcés Is Left Out Of The Machine

The controversial Victor Garcés, who appeared with The Blue Cross Machine in September 2019 with the dismissal of Ricardo Caixinha and the departure of Ricardo Peláez, has now been left out of the Vice Presidency of the Club, following the ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of the CDMX

The manager did not present sufficient evidence to support him in the position of La Machine and therefore, as sole Vice President, remains Alfredo Álvarez, Billy’s brother.

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In this way, Víctor Garcés does not have any type of power or authority in Cruz Azul, nor in the Cooperative.

Cruz Azul, in this way, removes a problem from above, because although it seems that no, the problems outside the field, ended up affecting inside.

The fans celebrate the departure of Garcés, because they considered that since their arrival and with the departure of Peláez, the team came ‘to the bottom’ because of the controversies.