Cruz Azul: Victor Garcés Reveals Who Gave The Order To Fire Caixinha

Víctor Garcés revealed that it was Guillermo Álvarez who warned about the dismissal of Pedro Caixinha and subsequently gave the order to present Robert Dante Siboldi as the new technical director of Cruz Azul.

“We met in a work session and he informed me of the decision. He told me that for work reasons he could not be in the presentation that was made in La Noria. Consequently, it was an instruction and an agreement, ”he said in Chain Reaction.

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The manager said that he has never been outside the organization's organizational chart: “I have been away for work reasons and for homework assignments. It wasn't that long. I was physically away, but not emotionally, ”he added.

The GOLPAZO of Enrique Bonilla, holder of the Liga MX to Víctor Garcés, is not a minor thing. Ignore it, because there is no document to prove it, suggests endless suspicion, including that Garcés had submitted to "Billy" Alvarez when he caused a whirlwind in Cruz Azul.

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November 8, 2019

“You can't talk about a coup d'etat. It is a sense of collaboration. I arrive at the club with the intention of transparent accounts and to give all the information of the General Assembly. If I am going to be somewhere I will participate, I will contribute and I will add, ”he said.

Víctor Garcés is not liked by cement fans, because a few months ago he had an awkward discussion with Ricardo Peláez, who was then the sports director of La Machine. The fans booed him when Cruz Azul visited Pachuca at the Hidalgo Stadium.

“It has never been my intention to be the villain. I don't dislike that position because it makes me feel that I am fulfilling my obligation. When I heard the screams and boos I felt I was doing the right thing. You have to let them bark, ”he concluded.


Víctor Garcés no longer returns to La Noria and the Cruz Azul facilities for a month

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November 5, 2019