Cruz Azul Vs América: Negro Santos And Humberto Valdes Star In Social Media Fight

The Young Classic between America and Cruz Azul is still talking about despite the fact that several days have passed since the machine hit Las Águilas by a score of 5-2 and it seems that the duel is not over, because this time, others are the protagonists; the Legend of the Americas Antonio Carlos Santos, better known as 'Negro' Santos and Humberto Valdes, TUDN commentator and faithful follower of the Blue Cross.

El Negro Santos is well known for his tweets full of controversy and excessive criticism of those who face him and this time he did not hesitate to answer 'Beto' Valdes who wrote a tweet mocking Americanism for the result.

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The journalist joked with his followers and the 5 goals that La Machine scored for America, a situation that bothered Negro Santos who immediately answered him, rubbing the years of the Blue Cross without being a champion.

Beto Valdes did not remain silent and the discussion followed by several tweets in which they engaged in words.

Here the full discussion:

Well, tell them well because I remind you that Cruz Azul has not won a championship 23 years ago and right now they are in 12th place, so mediocre mind

– Carlos Santos (@ negrosantos13)
October 7, 2019

The Great Black Saints, what an honor to receive a comment from you, first I admired you watching you play, you won everything with America, then I had to play against You, which player, few I saw playing the same, too bad you ended up living from the “talacha” and in the Past … Big hug.

October 7, 2019

Having you know that I live? ‍♂️ for me to continue playing and fill stadiums today I do it as a hobby I'm legend do not forget! What I earn in a talacha you earn in 1 month doing the antics and lies as a good cheerleader you are! @America club @TUDNMEX

– Carlos Santos (@ negrosantos13)
October 8, 2019