Cuomo says New York no longer needs the Comfort medical ship

Cuomo Says New York No Longer Needs The Comfort Medical Ship

New York – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday that the region will no longer need the Comfort medical ship that arrived in the Big Apple in late March just hours after meeting with United States President Donald Trump. , at the White House.

“It was very good to have it in case it overflows (the health system), but I said that we don’t really need the Comfort anymore,” Cuomo said during an interview with the local network MSNBC in reference to his meeting with the US president.

“It did give us comfort but we no longer need it, so if they need to send it somewhere else, they should take it,” he added.


The ship arrived after both Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio repeatedly warned of the huge numbers of contagion that were predicted in the region, stressing that the city’s hospital system was not going to be able to serve so many people.

However, several days after the arrival of the ship, it was learned that only 20 people were being treated in facilities with a capacity for 750 patients since the Comfort was initially authorized to treat only patients who were not infected with coronavirus, which complicated entry processes.

The decision that the Comfort set sail from New York was confirmed Tuesday by President Trump. “I have asked Andrew if the Comfort can return to its base in Virginia to be able to have it for other areas and he told me that this could be done,” said the president, who did not give a specific date for his departure.

Cuomo also noted that his meeting with Trump focused on speeding up testing of COVID-19 in New York State, and that the two have reached an agreement to try to increase the daily testing capacity of both the virus itself and antibodies, from 20,000 today to 40,000 as soon as possible.

“I wanted to have a face-to-face conversation. It’s about the tests and who does what in the tests. It had to be made clear, because it’s a very important matter,” he explained.

New York State remains the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States with some 258,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and nearly 19,000 deaths.

New York City, meanwhile, had more than 144,000 infections and nearly 15,000 deaths from the coronavirus on Tuesday.



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