Curry Hopes To Return ‘at The Beginning Of Spring '

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Stephen Curry, the star of the Golden State Warriors, said Monday that he "definitely" has plans to play again in this campaign, after breaking a hand.

Curry hoped to return to the courts at "some point at the beginning of spring."

The exact date that Curry, twice named the Most Valuable Player in the NBA, could return to activity is unknown. The base spoke with the press at night, for the first time since October 30, when he was injured.


He reported that he needs a second hand surgery that he doesn't use to shoot. This procedure would be carried out at the beginning of December, in order to remove the nails that were inserted on November 1, in the first operation, which involved the hand and the index finger.

Controlling “inflammation will be a priority at the beginning of the rehabilitation process, so that I have an opportunity to return and recover mobility soon,” said Curry.

The Warriors initially reported that Curry would undergo a new evaluation three months after surgery, that is, in early February.